Precise, Secure UNIX & IBM Terminal Emulation with Scanning

Move beyond the desktop and access your host systems remotely

Access your host systems from Android and Apple mobile devices and get more benefits with our terminal emulator app. TinyTERM’s strong SSH and SSL security along with scanning and automation will expand your capabilities. Access IBM and UNIX systems using TN3270E, TN5250, VT420, ANSI, Wyse 50/60, and other terminal types over WiFi, cellular and VPN networks.

Terminal emulator mobile tablet access

Well designed user interface design across iOS and Android devices

Unified terminal emulator mobile devices

Customizable onscreen keyboards and resizable text fonts. TinyTERM’s ease of use allows easy transition to iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. Terminal emulation with fully programmable keyboards, macros and auto-login allows access with no host changes.

Print options allow grouping of print or screen data into single or separate print jobs or emails. Screen content and host transparent print data streams can now be sent to AirPrint printers or redirected to an email attachment, for saving or sending to others.

TinyTERM Plus sophisticated macro record/playback allows auto-connect and auto-login capabilities. Configurations can be pre-built without including sensitive information, and deployed to large user groups. Macros can also be assigned to keystrokes to help navigate complex applications. Build one-touch solutions for accessing your remote application resources.

Scanning capabilities

TinyTERM Plus offers both hardware and software scanning capabilities on iOS and Android devices with battery life indicator. In addition, the rear camera can also be used as a scanner. In performance tests, an iPod with a scanning sled attached is able to out-perform the traditional scanners by performing over 10,000 continuous scans and at a fraction of the cost.

Unified terminal emulator mobile devices

Configuration lockdown and industrial web browser

terminal emulation scanner solutions

TinyTERM terminal emulator is designed for corporate IT departments to create purposed solutions for non-technical users where pre-configured automated application startup is required. Lock down configurations for easy deployment and tamper-resistance. Access legacy applications and add comprehensive scanning capabilities to allow creation of purpose-based devices in modern environments.

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